‘Spell’ of discontent

Spotted this interesting report in the NST today:

PASIR MAS: Villagers here were relieved that six banana trunks were finally removed from the graveyard they were buried in.

But the bomoh who buried them in the Kampung Banggol cemetery said it would affect the “treatment” he gave to a family from Penang.

Policemen opening the bundles of banana trunks, wrapped in burial cloth. Nails had been hammered into the trunks which had been buried in the Kampung Banggol cemetery.

Six days ago, bomoh Mohamed Ariffin Ibrahim buried the banana trunks, wrapped in burial cloths, to imprison “evil spirits”.

This caused an uproar in the village, with rumours spreading that aliens from outer space had been buried there.

“They don’t believe that the banana trunks contain evil spirits that I was trying to imprison. Removing them will affect the treatment I provided to a family plagued by a group of spirits,” he said at the graveyard.

Ariffin said he would not be responsible for “whatever happened” after they are removed.

The police received a permit from the Kelantan Islamic Affairs Council to dig them up yesterday.

Hundreds of villagers gathered at the cemetery as early as 8am to watch the “exhumation”.

District police chief Superintendent Haliludin Rahim said he hoped this would end all the speculation and rumours.

The 59-year-old bomoh, called “Abang Pin” by the locals, believed that someone might have been jealous of his popularity and “effective” treatment and informed the police.

It is not known what the police have done with the trunks.


King of Fruits – Part 2

Another interest item on the King of Fruits in the Star dated 26th June 2007:

20,000 durians to be given away on Sunday


IPOH: Foreign tourists, including Europeans, will be well-informed about the Malaysian king of fruits so that the Perak Durian Festival on Sunday will be a success.

“We don’t want our Durian Festival to face the same fate as what had happened in Penang when promoting the fruit,” said Changkat Jering assemblyman Datuk Mat Isa Ismail, who is co-organiser of the event.

“We want our foreign guests to take part in the event until the end of the programme,” he told reporters here on Tuesday.

On June 18, it had been reported that 18 foreign tourists taking part in a durian-eating competition in Penang fled the scene soon after taking a whiff of the fruit as they could not stand its strong smell, resulting in the cancellation of the contest.

Mat Isa said a group of 60 foreign tourists, including Europeans, would be taking part in the durian festival.

He said event organiser, the state Tourism Council, had taken steps to brief them so that they would know what to expect during the programme to promote the fruit.

The move was to ensure the foreigners, who would be arriving in two express buses from Kuala Lumpur, would be able to bear the strong smell of the Malaysia king of fruits.

On the festival, Mat Isa said about 20,000 durians would be given out free during the event to be held at the Bukit Gantang public field in Taiping from 10am onwards.

He said the people would also be treated with all kinds of durian-flavoured foods such as gulai tempoyak, dodol, jam, ice-cream, fritters, yogurt, and juice.

“The highlight will be a gotong-royong involving 50 housewives to make cucur durian (durian fritters) using eight gunny sacks of wheat flour,” he said.

The people could also buy the fruit at bargain prices from the 15 stalls set up at the field, he said.

He added that 10,000 people were expected to attend the event to be launched by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

King of Fruits – Part 1

The following article is from the Star published on 23rd June 2007.

Times are changing so the way of doing business must change too!

Don’t leave home without it??? 🙂

Pay for durians with credit card

PENANG: A banner saying “We accept Master and Visa” hangs outside the stall at Jalan Van Praagh here. Only, it’s not your usual touristy shop. It’s a makeshift durian stall.

And yes, you can buy the King of Fruits with credit cards.

At least three stalls in Penang have opted to extend “credit” purchases to their customers after a bank approached them.

The other two stalls are located in Relau and Mt Erskine.

Seng Durian Enterprise owner Ngang Boon Seng said: “Just like supermarkets and boutiques which accept credit cards, we want to offer such flexibility to our customers, too.”

Durian Seller accepts Credit Card

“And business has been good as customers tend to buy more using credit cards,” he said, adding that a customer recently bought RM800 worth of durians.

“Nowadays, many shoppers don’t like to carry too much cash for fear of being robbed,” he added.

Ngang noted that most of his customers use credit cards to pay for their purchases towards the end of the month when most people were short of cash.

The 37-year-old said credit cards were accepted for purchases above RM40.

Ngang said he gets about 100 customers daily, some from as far as Indonesia, Europe, Korea, China and Singapore.

“We sell a variety including Ang Heh (Red Prawn), Tangkai Panjang (Long Stem), Ganja, D2, D11 and 604.

“Durians are more costly this year as the harvest has dropped by about 30%,” he said.

Retired driving instructor Loh Hoon Wan, 66, was among the many who used his credit card to buy durians yesterday.

“I’m buying RM100 worth of durians as presents to my relatives and friends,” he said, adding that he preferred to use his credit card as he could “buy now and worry later.”

Magic powers of talismans

Read the following interesting item in The Star a few days back.

Just wondering if the guy is willing to prove his claims by letting someone shoot him with a gun. 🙂

Magic powers of talismans

PEOPLE are willing to spend millions of ringgit to buy talismans, which purportedly have invincible powers and enable the wearer to live longer.

According to Harian Metro, Hazim, a trader, claims to own several talismans which are sought by VIPs.

He said the popular amulets were the mengkudu wood, which are found on anthills, and besi bhat (iron).

He said that a Siamese priest had cast a spell on the items.

Hazim claimed that a VIP once paid RM550,000 for a necklace made from pig skin and RM150,000 for a piece of talisman cloth to be tied around the waist.

He said he owned a talisman called Ular Karimah Sakti, which he had obtained from India, which could make the wearer invincible.

“A VIP has offered RM1.5mil for it. Currently, I’m negotiating with him,” he said, adding that he had another talisman made of cloth called “Baju Wafak”, which would protect the wearer from bullets.

The daily quoted Kolej Islam Darul Ridzuan rector Prof Datuk Dr Mohammed Yusoff Hussein as saying that Muslims should invest their money for a good cause rather than on talismans which were against the religion.

“All the items are black magic. It is not surprising that they can make a person invincible. Black magic cannot be used in Islam,” he added.

What a way to go……

Man crushed to death

PETALING JAYA: Make no mistake about it. An eight-tonne steamroller may be the slowest vehicle on the road, but it can be deadly.

A 25-year-old foreign construction worker was crushed to death by one yesterday while crossing the Damansara-Puchong Highway.

Rezaul Karim was behind the vehicle when its operator put it into reverse, crushing him.

ATM Corner @ Central Market KL

Do you know that Central Market in Kuala Lumpur has an ATM Corner? Honestly, I didn’t, until yesterday that is.

I only discovered the fact when I accidentally walk into the corner after lunch in the vicinity yesterday. Immediately as you enter the building through the main entrance, turn right and walk right to the corner of the building. That corner has ATMs from 3 different banks, namely RHB Bank, CIMB Bank and Maybank.

The Google Earth Image below shows the location of this ATM Corner.

Location of ATN Corner in Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

Travellers and tourists may also find it a big convenience to be able to withdraw cash from their accounts via these machines.

Man out of luck

This is a follow-up on my post of 20th June about the woman who sold the winning Lottery Ticket of RM17,000,000.00

Misery of man who missed out on RM17mil

THE tale of a young man who missed becoming the next big millionaire by a mere ticket was highlighted by China Press.

One of the lottery tickets he bought was one number behind the winning ticket, which paid out RM17mil, including the RM14mil jackpot.

The daily reported yesterday that the man bought tickets ranging from 5638964 to 5638971. The winning ticket was 5638963.

To further compound his misery, he was knocked down by a motorcyclist while on his way back to Muar from outstation.

The man said a woman ticket seller had approached him.

“I still remember her telling me that the first person to buy lottery tickets from her on that day would win the jackpot,” he said.

Winning lottery ticket seller goes into hiding

AFTER a punter from Muar won a whopping RM17mil in a Big Sweep draw, the person who sold the winning ticket has gone into hiding, China Press reported.

The speculation in town is that the ticket seller is an old woman, who fears she would be a target of crooks.

An official of the lottery company in Kuala Lumpur, identified only as Ye, said their Muar representative had scolded her for disclosing details of the winning ticket.

She said that because there were not many lottery representatives in Muar it was easy to find out who sold the winning ticket.

Ye recalled that some years back a Big Sweep representative in Kuala Lumpur became a victim of robbers when it was found that he had sold a winning ticket.