Magic powers of talismans

Read the following interesting item in The Star a few days back.

Just wondering if the guy is willing to prove his claims by letting someone shoot him with a gun. 🙂

Magic powers of talismans

PEOPLE are willing to spend millions of ringgit to buy talismans, which purportedly have invincible powers and enable the wearer to live longer.

According to Harian Metro, Hazim, a trader, claims to own several talismans which are sought by VIPs.

He said the popular amulets were the mengkudu wood, which are found on anthills, and besi bhat (iron).

He said that a Siamese priest had cast a spell on the items.

Hazim claimed that a VIP once paid RM550,000 for a necklace made from pig skin and RM150,000 for a piece of talisman cloth to be tied around the waist.

He said he owned a talisman called Ular Karimah Sakti, which he had obtained from India, which could make the wearer invincible.

“A VIP has offered RM1.5mil for it. Currently, I’m negotiating with him,” he said, adding that he had another talisman made of cloth called “Baju Wafak”, which would protect the wearer from bullets.

The daily quoted Kolej Islam Darul Ridzuan rector Prof Datuk Dr Mohammed Yusoff Hussein as saying that Muslims should invest their money for a good cause rather than on talismans which were against the religion.

“All the items are black magic. It is not surprising that they can make a person invincible. Black magic cannot be used in Islam,” he added.


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