Merdeka stamps galore

In less than 2 weeks we will be celebration the 50th Anniversary of our nation’s birthday. Around this time, there are many articles relating to this event being published in the local media. One of them is on the Malaysian stamps issued pertaining to Merdeka and The Star today has an article about this exhibition at the Penang Museum.

Just wondering why a similar exhibition is not held in Kuala Lumpur. After all, this is the nation’s capital and the bulk of the collectors are based here. Over to you, Pos Malaysia.

Merdeka stamps galore

PENANG: An array of first-day covers and stamps released to commemorate Merdeka on Aug 31, 1957 are being displayed at the Penang Museum.

The historic stamps and covers, some from private collections, will be exhibited for a month on the first floor of the double-storey museum in conjunction with the 50th Merdeka Anniversary Philatelic Exhibition 2007.

Engrossed: Visitors John van Langeveld and his daughter Linda admiring some of the Merdeka collections at the museum yesterday.

“Although the covers and stamps are not rare collections, we felt that the exhibition is meaningful because most of the younger generation did not have the opportunity to see the commemorative stamps released 50 years ago,” said one of the exhibitors, Lim Ken Beng, who has 30 official Merdeka Day covers and 50 unofficial covers.

Two of his framed official Merdeka Day covers are displayed at the museum.

“The most important collection is the Merdeka Day cover with official cover bearing the government emblem,” said Lim, an engineering manager who started collecting stamps about 30 years ago.

The exhibition is jointly organised by the Penang Museum and Penang Philatelic Society, and sponsored by Pos Malaysia Bhd.

The society’s oldest active member Abdul Salaam Mohd Anver said the 10-cent Malaya stamp bearing the portrait of Tunku Abdul Rahman was now worth RM6.

“The original cover could cost about RM100 each,” he said.


Freak Malaysian $5 Currency Note

I guess not many of you have seen a freak Malaysian currency note.

I do have one in my possession and the note is shown below.

See if you can detect what is so “freaky” about this note. -)

A freak Malaysian $5 Note

For those who still cannot see what is wrong with the note above, the serial number at the top left corner differs from that of the bottom right corner.

Proof there is Cash in Trash

I’ve always maintained that there is Cash in Trash and this article proves I’m right! -)

River dirt yields rich pickings

By : Jason Gerald John and Norfaisal Jahuri

 Portuguese and Dutch era coins that Raffiee Mohd Najeer and his friends have dug up.

Portuguese and Dutch era coins that Raffiee Mohd Najeer and his friends have dug up.

MALACCA: They are four men, growing RM500 richer by the day from the things they sell.

Things they have neither bought nor made, but scavenged.

They call themselves treasure hunters. The real McCoy.

And the treasures they seek are real enough: Old coins, bits and pieces of porcelain and other antiquities from the era of the Malacca sultanate as well as the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial period.

Their raiding ground is a spot on the river bank of the Sungai Melaka near Jalan Kilang where a 30m-high pile of river dirt has accumulated, courtesy of the contractors beautifying the river.

Unlike the archaeologists and tomb raiders shown on TV, the four men, led by Raffiee Mohd Najeer, 37, are armed only with ladles and their method is drama-free. For the past few days, Raffiee and his friends have been climbing the mound of dirt to comb for treasure.

“Rain or shine, we are here. We saw the pile of sedimentation and decided to try our luck. We did not expect to hit jackpot,” said Raffiee.

“The first coin we found was from the sultanate era. The coin was well-preserved; the writings on it still visible. We sold it to an unknown collector.

“Since then, we have discovered coins from the Portuguese era, about 500 years old, and also those used by the Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie or VOC in old-spelling Dutch), which are about 400 years old.”

The VOC was established in 1602, when the states-general of the Netherlands granted it a 21-year monopoly to carry out colonial activities in Asia.

It was the first multinational corporation in the world and the first company to issue stock. It remained an important trading concern for almost two centuries until it became bankrupt and was formally dissolved in 1800.

“There are also unique coins the size of our 50-sen coin, but with a hole in the middle. Each has Arabic words inscribed, which I am unable to decipher,” Raffiee said.

He and his friends also collect old metal pieces and other antiques, which they sell to interested buyers.

Malaysian Stamps getting more popular

A few days back, I went to the GPO here in Kuala Lumpur to purchase some Insects Series III Miniature Sheets. To my surprise and consternation, I was informed that the item has been sold out! What! I thought, you got to be kidding! The issue was only a few days old (Issue Date: 7th July 2007) and it cost RM5 a piece. Most people would not want to buy too many of this item as it was relatively an expensive item.

Anyway, the counter staff informed me that the item was indeed out of stock. Other recent items that are also out of stock are the Booklet and Miniature Sheets of Visit Malaysia Year 2007 issued on 19th March 2007.

The 3 items are show below:

To all the collectors who are lucky enough to own the items before they were sold out, congratulations. Hope you cherish these beautiful items.

Insects Series III Miniature Sheet

Visit Malaysia Year 2007 MIniature Sheet

Visit Malaysia Year 2007 Booklet

Insects – Series III

Pos Malaysia chose today 07-07-07 to launch their latest stamp issue on Insects – Series III.

Series I was about Wasps and was launched on 29th July 1991.

Series II was issued during Stamp Week ’98 on 28th November 1988. The M/S of this issue is shown below.

Insects Series II

The latest offering from Pos Malaysia is shown below.

The interesting thing is that our Pos Malaysia is becoming more adventurous and creative. They are more willing to try new processes, styles and techniques. The last issue on Childrens Folk Tales has silver foil hot-stamped onto the miniature sheet. This time round, they are using diffraction foil. Both techniques are being used for the first time by Pos Malaysia.

Insects Series III Stamps

Insects Series III Miniature Sheet

Malaysia-Brunei Joint Issue

Received an interesting mail from a customer of mine:


Malaysia Brunei Joint Issue – Unique Marine Life has been issued on 6.feb.2007.
Why had been the year 2006 printed on all stamps and S/S ???
Is it error from the post ???

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


The answer is simple. This issue was originally scheduled for 2006. After the stamps were nicely printed and delivered, the Issue Date was deferred and eventually the stamps were issued in February 2007.

Pos Malaysia has decided NOT to reprint the stamps (most probably due to the cost involved?).

The images of the items in question are shown below.

Malaysia-Brunei Joint Issue Stamps - Unique Marine Life

Malaysia-Brunei Joint Issue Stamps - Unique Marine Life

Same stamp image but different denomination?

The upcoming issue from Pos Malaysia has one very interesting feature.

2 children’s drawing (4 stamps due to both stamps being setenent) on the Sheet of 20 have the 50 sen denomination.

The same 2 drawing (4 stamp) is also issued in the booklet format but are denominated in 30 sen.

Sheet Stamps
Booklet Stamps

Looks like there are going to be a lot of confused people in the not too distant future. 🙂