Cowboy Town, A Famosa, Malacca

Spent last weekend at A Famosa, a well known resort in Malacca, courtesy of my employer.

This resort has 4 Theme Parks namely Cowboy Town, Outdoor Theme Park, Water World and Animal World. Besides the theme parks, there are other recreational facilities available like, Fishing, Archery, Go Kart, Horse Riding, Paintball War Games and Microlight Flying.

We had dinner in Cowboy Town and were greeted at the entrance by a company of dancing cowboys and cowgirls. -)

Dancing Cowboys and Cowgirls

Dinner was of course a buffet affair and after dinner showtime!

The show started off with a fiery hot Red Indian Show.

Red Indian Show

Red Indian Show 2

This was followed by an Animal Parade and parade of dancers, lighted “floats” and other costumed characters.

During the parade some of the staff were offering the audience the opportunity of having their pictures taken with an albino python, a tiger cub and a parrot. The service is free, if you do not want the photograph. -) If you want to keep the photo as a momento of your visit, it will cost you up to RM21 for the photo (It comes together with a preprinted folder).

Albino Snake

Street Dancers

The show of course ended with a bang, a couple of minutes worth of fireworks display! -)

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