Misleading Advertisement by McDonald???

I was having a McValue Meal (Fish) at the IOI outlet a couple of hours ago and something strikes me as odd. In all the pictures of this product I have seen the fish patty and burger is ALWAYS shown with a full slice of cheese. But the one I was eating has only a HALF slice in it.Thinking back, I realised that for the past few months, the McFillet Burgers has always been served with only half a slice of cheese. I remember it USED to be served with a full slice.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am NOT a cheese fanatic and I do not mind the burger being served with only half a slice. But then shouldn’t the images of the product be shown with only a half slice instead of a full slice?

I’ve ate at a few of their outlets here in Kuala Lumpur and they are all the same; only half a slice whereas the pictures in the advertisement panels show a full slice. Wonder if it is the same throughout the country or even the world?

Can someone clarify whether this constitute false/misleading advertisement?

On a slightly different subject, on one occasion, a small cockroach emerge from under the table just after just after I finished a McFillet Burger. I grabbed my camera a took a couple of shots of the cockroach. A picture of this cockroach is shown below.

Big M should really be more conscious of the cleanliness of its outlets.

Cockroach at McDonald


Student needs Viagra to survive

Spotted this heart-wrenching story in the Star today.

So, Pfizer, have a heart and spare some small change to ease the pain of a young girl?

Student needs Viagra

BUTTERWORTH: For the past one year, Florentina Usun George has been taking Viagra daily, not for the wrong reason but to treat her ASD Pulmonary Hypertension ailment.

The 21-year-old student of Cosmopoint College in Penang needs two Viagra tablets, at RM40 each, daily to keep her going.

Medical problem: Florentina showing a doctor’s letter stating that she has ASD Pulmonary Hypertension at the Penang Umno complaints bureau in Butterworth yesterday. With her are Linda (left) and Farah.

“Without the medicine, I will experience chest pain, breathing difficulty and (feel) weak. It is really painful and I cannot concentrate on my studies,” said the second-year Computer Graphics student.

Florentina, from Miri, Sarawak, said she was diagnosed with the disease when she went for a medical check-up at University Malaya Medical Centre in March last year.

She was told to take Viagra daily to maintain her blood pressure level.

A doctor who declined to be named said Viagra could reduce the pressure on the right side of Florentina’s heart which was high.

The doctor said Viagra was initially introduced for hypertension but it was later found that it could also help patients with erectile dysfunction.

Florentina’s former lecturer Farah Nuzaily Zakaria, 27, said she had taken her to the National Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur and Island Hospital in Penang, and again was told Florentina had to take Viagra to live.

“We were told that Viagra was the cheapest medication that could help improve her condition,” she said during a press conference held at the Umno Public Complaints Bureau office in Butterworth yesterday.

Forentina’s younger sister, Linda Livan George, 20, is working at a fast food restaurant in Penang to help buy the medication.

Those who wish to help Florentina can send out their cheques made payable to Biro Pengaduan Umno, Tingkat 2, Bangunan Mahkamah Munisipal MPSP, Lorong Kg Jawa, Jalan Bagan Luar, 12000 Butterworth. They should write Florentina’s name on the back of their cheques.

Smoking is Dangerous to your health

Read two very interesting items in the Star today:

Man blown apart in lorry explosion
KUALA LUMPUR: A man, who was waiting for his brother in a lorry, was blown to pieces when the vehicle carrying engine oil exploded on Sunday in Kepong, here.

Police said Lee Gar Chin, 31, was ripped apart in the explosion.

It was learnt that a cigarette was the cause of the blast. Police have ruled out foul play.

The other item was about an old woman who cannot keep her mouth shut.

Winning lottery ticket seller goes into hiding

AFTER a punter from Muar won a whopping RM17mil in a Big Sweep draw, the person who sold the winning ticket has gone into hiding, China Press reported.

The speculation in town is that the ticket seller is an old woman, who fears she would be a target of crooks.

An official of the lottery company in Kuala Lumpur, identified only as Ye, said their Muar representative had scolded her for disclosing details of the winning ticket.

She said that because there were not many lottery representatives in Muar it was easy to find out who sold the winning ticket.

Ye recalled that some years back a Big Sweep representative in Kuala Lumpur became a victim of robbers when it was found that he had sold a winning ticket.

There has got to be a lesson or two to be learned here.