The Power of 7

Today is 07-07-07, a date that comes around only once in a century (read that once in a lifetime). My lucky number was 7. It still is. I cannot explain it but I have always liked this number. This number has always fascinated and mystified mankind since it was first invented. Besides, it is the highest single digit prime number.

Just in Klang alone, 121 couples chose this memorable date to tie the knot. Another 39 couples in Ipoh and 77 couples in Penang were married today.

Even Pos Malaysia saw it fit to chose this date to launch its latest stamp issue entitled Insects – Series III

121 couples married in Klang on 07-07-07.

KLANG: One hundred and twenty-one couples got married in Klang on Saturday because it was 07-07-07, an auspicious day.

Among them was marketing officer Sharon Chia, 23, for whom it will always be a double celebration on every July 7 as her birthday and wedding day fall on the same date.

“July 7 is a very significant day for me not just because I was born on that day, I also want the happiest moment of my life to be recorded in this day.

“To get married on July 7 was one of the conditions I put to my husband before I accepted his proposal,” she said.

Seven was her lucky number and she loved things which have the number seven on it since young, said Chia, who was born and raised in Pulau Ketam.

Chia met her husband Yee Lee Keong, a 31-year-old foreman, in a cinema three years ago when they accompanied their friends to a movie.

It was like love at first sight and their relationship had blossomed since then, she added.

Hardware operator Tan Wee Hong, 27, and clerk Goh Chen Huay, also 27, said they had planned their wedding on July 7 two years ago.

“We chose to get married today because triple seven is a very auspicious number. Besides that, the date is very easy to remember,” he said after a mass wedding at the Hokkien Association.

In Ipoh, siblings Ho Soot Fun, 28, and Ho Man Kit, 24, were among 39 couples to tie the knot at the Ipoh Chinese Chin Woo Athletic Association.

In Penang Cheah Chin Kheng who was born on July 7 and married his sweetheart of seven years on a “triple seven” day.

The 22-year-old machinist said it was love at first sight when he met Teh Mei Shuang, 21 during a school trip to Genting Highlands seven years ago.

The two were among the 77 couples who exchanged marriage vows at the Penang Chinese Town Hall Saturday.


One Response to “The Power of 7”

  1. JAM Says:

    Amended Figures:

    Figures from The Star article titled “Hundreds of newlyweds in seventh heaven on 07.07.07” dated 8th July 2007

    Thean Hou Temple (Kuala Lumpur) = 238 couples
    Maha Vihara Buddhist Temple (KL) = 50 couples
    Ipoh = 39 couples
    Penang = 77 + 88 = 165 couples
    Johore Bahru = 77 couples
    Malacca = 55 couples

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