US couple claims $105.8 million lottery prize

Further to the blog on the lottery ticket seller who fled town after she told the public about the winning ticket, I can’t help but noticed how things are so different overseas.

Here is a report from the Star about a US couple winning a USD105.8 million jackpot and the story gets wide publicity and a picture of the couple to boot.

Here in Malaysia, everything would be classified “TOP SECRET”. 🙂

East is East and West is West ………

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP): Don Harvey’s long-haul truck had almost 2 million miles (3 million kilometers) on it when its engine died this week. Now he and his wife are millionaires who bought the winning ticket for a $105.8 million (euro78.3 million) lottery jackpot.

Harvey and his wife, Joyce, said they will pay off bills, help family members and think about buying a new home with their winnings.

They chose to receive a $33.3 million (euro24.7 million) lump sum after taxes instead of the full amount paid out over 29 years.

Joyce Harvey said she was in “absolute disbelief and shock” when she checked the numbers on her computer Thursday night and found she had the winner. “Basically, I just broke down and cried,” she said Friday.

It was a quirky thing that she won, she said, because she always had bought lottery tickets using the same numbers. She said she recently bought a ticket, but the numbers “came out wrong.” She said she decided to use those same numbers when she bought the latest ticket and bingo, it was a winner.

Only one ticket sold for Wednesday night’s drawing matched the six numbers drawn. The odds of winning were about 176 million to one, said Jim Scoggins, executive director of the lottery.

In March, two ticket winners split a record $390 million (euro293 million) jackpot for another multi-state lottery, Mega Millions.

One Response to “US couple claims $105.8 million lottery prize”

  1. shawal Says:

    I’m so lucky…lucky….lucky….lucky…..

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