Boss beats up man caught with his wife

When I read the following report in the Star today, two Chinese sayings instantly sprang to mind (both literally translated). 🙂

  • 1. Never sh** and eat in the same place. (Never sh** in your rice-bowl??)
  • 2. If you want to steal food, you must know how to wipe your mouth.
  • MIRI: A foreign worker was beaten up by his employer after he was found in a “compromising position” with the businessman’s attractive young wife.

    Not satisfied with the punishment meted out on his employee, the dealer in telecommunication equipment lodged a police report against the 19-year-old employee for alleged sexual harassment of his wife.

    The incident allegedly occurred in the man’s shop located in a commercial complex on the outskirts of the city on Friday night.

    The businessman’s wife is in her late 20s. The man, in his late 40s, lodged the report against the youth at the Miri Central Police Station after he had beaten up the employee.

    The businessman claimed that the worker had been sexually harassing his wife and that he had tried to force himself on her.

    Police detained the worker on Friday night for questioning and obtained a six-day remand order to facilitate investigation.

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